More Effective Abs & Inner Thigh Exercises

New video plus a little fitness fashion for you featuring Lorna Jane and Tieks! Want neon green ballet flats for your bar classes? You’ll want to check out Lauren’s plus her awesome sports bra from Hot Drop. It’s now October, but the Fall is the season to be fashionable.

PLUS Gangnam Bloopers 

Also, during the filming of this video, it came to my attention that Lauren had not seen the Gangnam video yet! I had to show her and tried to do my best impression. I’m not a dancer but I tried my best. Watch to the end!

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Wow! Eat natural guys :) 

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Watermelon Cake! (tutorial/recipes)

  • Adult Version: soak in rum or vodka
  • melon balls make lovely toppers for drinks (more serving ideas in the link)

Oooh less frat boy than the watermelon keg.

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Well-U Challenge

Check out these awesome events going on at the University of Oregon this week!!